Shri Kasturba Stri Vikas Gruh

Shri Kasturba Stri Vikas Gruh (KSVG) was founded in Jamnagar, India, in 1957 with the purpose of lifting women out of injustice and exploitation. KSVG provides shelter for infants, girls and women, counselling services, a legal aid centre, a school for orphaned, abandoned and victimised girls, crafts training, library and a hostel for girls and women from outside of Jamnagar. 

The family supports KSVG because of the unfair and unequal treatment women and girls were receiving, and with a view to improving their circumstances and prospects.

We gave a donation in 1956 to start KSVG, and since then have made additional donations to increase the size and scope of KSVG.

Vipin M. P. Shah is a Trustee and the Vice Chairman, and Anant M. P. Shah is a Trustee of Shri Kasturba Stri Vikas Gruh.