iPartner India

iPartner India is a charity founded in 2006  which is dedicated to encouraging sustainable giving towards the most pressing development issues facing modern India. iPartner encourages philanthropic investments towards its key themes of vulnerable children, education, livelihoods, climate change and health. iPartner continually sources grass roots, “under the radar” charities working within any one of these themes.

Since inception, iPartner’s work has improved the lives of some 50,000 women, 8,500 children, 30,000 students, and 33,000 hospital patients in some of the poorest regions of India.  iPartner has a network of 110 validated organisations across 20 states, delivering against a wide range of community development issues.

We support iPartner because it offers a one-stop service for people who wish to make donations in India.

Anant M. P. Shah is a Trustee of iPartner.