Partner Charities

We actively support a number of partner charities through our Foundations. This support is provided both financially and through our time and involvement. Some examples of these include:

Find Your Feet

Find Your Feet is a charity that works to support very poor rural families who live in some of the most remote areas of India, Nepal, Malawi and ...


iPartner India

iPartner India is a charity founded in 2006  which is dedicated to encouraging sustainable giving towards the most pressing ...


Sense International (India)

Sense International (India) is the Indian arm of Sense International, a global charity working with deafblind people in less developed ...


Shri Kasturba Stri Vikas Gruh

Shri Kasturba Stri Vikas Gruh (KSVG) was founded in Jamnagar, India, in 1957 with the purpose of lifting women out of injustice and ...



Soko is an e-commerce and mobile platform that enables artisans, particularly women, in Sub-Saharan Africa that are outside the digital economy, ...